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Discussion in 'Shop Till You Drop' started by Watisthis, Nov 8, 2009.

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    I want to buy some clothes on drjays, lacoste esshop, macys... through my friend who is in USA for 1 year. But I have some bad experience with the tax... I was buying from USA 3 times, - 1 time ebay which was ok and 2 times - first was OK and on the second trade I paid so high tax it cost almost more than the clothes ...

    My question : Should I be worried about tax if my friend send it as a gift with 0 dollars value ? Any other for sure tips how to avoid paying tax ?
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  2. SusanSuperstar

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    I always got my stuff tax free when it was send to me as a gift with low value like 10 or 20 euros and it´s important that it´s written on the package what´s inside (like clothes or presents...) it´s a plus if there are no tags with the price on the items. right now before christmas there are so many packages. I think you should just be worried if it´s expensive items like laptop or phones, because they can find the prices online and charge you for that! Hope I could help dear.

    I hate that stuff with the taxes I bought a pair of vintage Lacroix Sunglasses for 40 euros and had to pay 10 euros taxes!
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    Jun 25, 2005
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    I do that too when I buy not too expensive stuff on eBay. The sellers are pretty much always willing to do that if you ask them nicely :smile:

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