Boots only: YSL vs. Christian Louboutin

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BOOTS: YSL vs. Christian Louboutin

  1. YSL

  2. Christian Louboutin

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    Oct 16, 2020
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    So, i'm not talking about shoes, sneakers, pumps or anything else.

    Just a comparison of their boots.

    When it comes down to this label and you only had one choice, which way would you go?

    For me...possibly YSL.

    The red sole of CB is classic and their quality of calfskin is fantastic.

    But, at the same time, I think YSL have that little bit more of versatility over CB when it comes to style and the "personality" of their boots - particularly when it comes to the Chelsea Boot. I prefer the "harder" look to the YSL boot since the elastic doesn't stretch around the ankle - it's more traditional and is only on the side.
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