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    Hello all,
    I'm kinda new here and I'm not completely sure this is the place where this post belongs so I apologize in advance if it doesn't.
    I'm starting my first job next Monday. It's not in any way fashion related but I still want to make a good impression and one thing I'd really like to do is start using make-up daily. I probably should have done this earlier since I'm 24 already and never properly done my make up before but there's nothing I can do to fix that.
    I'm reading as much as I can but I can't get the grasp of what my undertones are.

    I found this picture on Pinterest that pretty much sums up all the information I gathered on this matter.

    So, my veins are the most purple-blue veins I've ever seen in my life but my eyes are hazel and my natural hair colour used to look more like the one on the warm side of the spectrum rather the one on the cool side. Yet, I look terribly awful in orange-yellow-green colours. Most of my wardrobe is blue, red or black (which I found impressively coincidential with the colours that look best with cool undertones). I want to have an idea on this before I go to buy my first foundation. Is anyone as confused as I am on this matter or can someone help me out?

    I think I'm cool undertoned but the eye/hair colour confused me. Might a few pictures help?
    Thank you all for reading and replying :rolleyes:

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