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    Mariana @ Specimen Model Management

    Specimen is already well-known for their extra-strong men's board but if you are not focused on male models (just like us) you might not be so much aware of it. Though, if you've got both eyes wide open on girls doing great right now, you can't have overlooked Marike this season. And, in case you didn't know it before, she's one of these precious jewels you'll always find at Specimen. If you like Marike, you surely haven't overlooked Maddie as well, newbie at Supreme who's got a couple of dazzling tests shots already. Or you saw Nele, the German doll (new concept!) they recently added to their Stellar board (follow their blog as well). Not enough ? Meet Mariana!

    So, who's Mariana ? A 17-years-old Brazilian with the unique look you can see on the four digis above. Described as "very 80's Madonna" with "an intellectual twist". So true, best words to talk about her special beauty. If we want to go a little further we could add how magical is her jawline, how brilliantly she works out her hairdo or how much we love the blond hair/brown eyes/brown brows combo. And just to make sure you get our point today, let's just say you can rely on a perfect 5'10"5 (179) silhouette too...

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