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Discussion in 'the Art of Noise' started by adorefaith, Jul 1, 2009.

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    does anyone else listen to Melody Gardot?..i find her voice delightful..she is so talented :heart:

    an amazing story too.. she decided to pursue music after trying music therapy to help her recover from a serious accident.. here is an interesting article with Melody where she talks a bit about it -

    her latest album, my one and only thrill, is incredible. :heart: she sings with an emotion and insight far beyond her 24 years, i think.. i feel like i'm listening to a woman who has lived many lives.. she sings with such incredible feeling, so thoughtful and passionate.. :crush: something about the way she sings reminds me of barbra streisand.. she has that same care when she sings, no single word or sound is without meaning.


    if you haven't heard her sing i strongly suggest you check her out..:flower:

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