Stella McCartney

Discussion in 'The Fashion Pack' started by newprincesita, Apr 1, 2005.

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    ^^^ Those sandals look like the ones my parents wore when they were refugees…

    Never found her particularly stylish nor possessing of any uniqueness— other than just another hugely privileged daughter of an overhyped and hugely wealthy aged rockstar. She’s grown up in luxury so some fashion sense has got to rub off on her… but I’d cut her some slack (haha) for the trousers. They’ve all been photographed wearing some horrendously-cut clothing: Of all people, Tom’s been photographed wearing what looks like women’s plus-size tuxedo pants that are sloppily hemmed too short, and stonewashed mum jeans, with the waist hiked way too high to be even comfortable for a man… It’s at these times that Tom is just a JC Penny away from looking like George Costanza.

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