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Discussion in 'the Entertainment Spot' started by after__eight, Jun 28, 2009.

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    I created this thread for people looking for traveling advice to different countries. Post questions and helpful advice here. As I will be going away soon I really need some advice! :blush:

    What are some fashion do's and dont's for both of these countries? I'm going away in two weeks, first to Italy then to Greece. I'm hearing no ripped jeans, is this true? I don't want to look like a tourist but I want to be comfortable/stylish at the same time. I'll mostly be sightseeing and laying out on the beaches. What are the typical Greek and Italian trends happening right now? I know about gladiators and linen clothing, anything else? What's appropriate and what's not for certain places?

    Also, is there a huge language barrier in Italy or Greece? I know a teeny amount of Italy (barely any) and not one ounce of greece (sad as I am greek). One of the reasons I didn't enjoy Paris was because of the language barrier and hardly anyone spoke english or even attempted even though we knew a fair amount of French. Are the Italians and Greeks rude if you don't attempt their language?
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    Well, when I've gone to Greece I've only spoken English and I've done fine. Where I was, no one was rude about me not speaking greek. Although I usually ask them (the waiters, etc) how to say certain things, like thank you and good bye and then say it to them :smile:

    In Italy, I've only been in a short amount of time and we only had dinner at one place but they were kind about us speaking only english to them..

    As for style, just have your normal style... You shouldn't change it just for going to another country. Just pack some summer clothes and you'll be fine :smile:


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