W Magazine Volume #2 2021 : The Directors Issue

Discussion in 'Magazines' started by amby, Mar 29, 2021.

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    Shocked to find that the only stories I don't like here are the actual fashion stories, the directors ones are amazing! Didn't expect to like Viola's editorial at all judging by the cover, but I love the Bruce Weber feel of it all and I adore Viola! The colors and composition of the shots with the telephone and the green sweater is just fantastic. Sofia doing Sofia always ends up looking brilliant, and when you add Elle and Kirsten to the mix there's nothing not to love about this. Emerald's story is perhaps my least favorite, but it reminds me of another editorial W published several years ago starring Rianne which I enjoyed. I love Emerald and I also love the aesthetic of the shoot so I still appreciate it. Zendaya and John somehow made it work, although I haven't liked any of their previews. Overall setting of the shoot and the styling are very 60s and I'm here for it. Plus they're both so hot!
    And then you have that beautiful beauty story... stunning! All three of them are killing it, but Jean's first portrait is simply beautiful. Great work. I'm so surprised at how much I ended up liking this issue, really didn't expect it - guess the standards hit rock bottom and anything remotely good seems fantastic at this point lol Thanks for sharing, Benn! x
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    ^Exactly my opinion. Marie Chaix and Pearmain did an awful job! Especially Pearmain, so pedestrian and makes no sense.

    I feel like Sara Moonves starts to feel confident about her vision and what she has in mind for W. Very much different than the W I was so much in love (with Alex White) but maybe more interesting than the W we had to deal with Tonchi and Enninful.

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