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    Aug 28, 2008
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    I just bought a trench coat for the winter from Theory. It fits me so nicely. Later on I found out that its not water resistant. The purpose for this trench is not only for the cold weather but also for the raining season too. Is there any kind of permanent water-resistant treatment that I can apply on this cotton trench??? I think this is my only option because it is hard to find a fit like this as I am short and skinny. Burberry appears to be long and a bit big on me.
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    I know Scotchguard makes an after-market treatment for ties, so I assume there probably is something ... whether it works is another question.

    I would suggest having Burberry or another "real" brand altered to fit you ...
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    You could try the kind of lotion used to make oilskin coats water-resistant
    Usually these kinds of coats have to be re-applied with the lotion after a number of uses... because eventually the lotion loses its strength with wear/weather

    Maybe you can get tips from this thread
    what to wear in the rain

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