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Discussion in 'The Beauty Cupboard' started by Anna026, Apr 29, 2010.

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    Has anyone given this skincare line a try? I first spotted it in a relative's bathroom cabinet in France (have a terrible habit of snooping through peoples skincare lol) but sort of forgot about it after. I noticed however that Beautyhabit sells it and it's very moderately priced. I was thinking of getting the Azulen Balsam and the Lavolind Foaming Wash.

    They seem to have some good targeted products (normal, sensitive, etc) including a collagen anti-aging product. But, my understanding is that "collagen" products are not useful as the molecules are too large to penetrate the skin....not sure though....I wasn't able to dig up reviews but those I did find very positive.

    I really would love to find the right line for my skin at last! I'm worried about not getting a routine down soon enough and suffering the consequences later. It'd be wonderful to find something simple and affordable as well, which the Dr. Eckstein line appears, however there's no point if the products are ineffective. I'd adore anyone's experience or insight on the line :blush:

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