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    ....That you own.

    I've become a collector of some amazing tomes from exhibitions all over the world. My favourite from the MET so far has to be China: Through the looking glass. The embossed cover alone is incredibly beautiful.

    Some of my favourites -

    Margiela : The Hermes Years.
    Azzedine Alaia in the 21st Century.
    Balenciaga Paris by Pamela Golbin.
    Possibly one of the most in-depth books about one designer I've ever read. It mainly covers Cristobal, but covers Nicolas' early work at the house until around 2006.

    Lanvin : I love you.
    For any fan of Alber, or Lanvin. This is a must. The book documents all the windows designed by Alber, it's an incredible visual.

    I'm a sucker for good packaging on a book so these are some that I love.

    Karl Lagerfeld : 50 years at Fendi.
    (this comes in a wooden box, in a shopping bag, with the book split into sections and theres also a USB with documentaries and interviews with Karl on there).

    Prada by Prada.
    This came in a box with thumbnails of the book covered all over it and then inside was the book in a slipcase in a mock leather that covers their shoe boxes. Inside the level of detail in the book was amazing, I loved the humour of how they covered how people described their bags on eBay. documenting the show spaces by Rem Koolhaus and also design profession.


    I really loved the mini books that Juergen Teller did in collaboration with Nicolas Ghesquiere and Louis Vuitton, that were published by Steidl in germany. They transported you into the inspiration of the collection, with snapshots of the clothes and the ad campaigns. They have only done 3 so far.

    Also, would be nice to hear of ones you're considering or ones you think are beautiful.
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    if you can find any pics to add, that'd be cool...

    there is potentially a thread like this in Art and Design...
    (there is a LOT of good stuff in there...btw...)

    possibly about recommendations for books about fashion, can't remember the exact title...
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    "Margiela: The Hermes Years?" Yes, that one's definitely on my Amazon wish-list. Thanks for reminding me.

    "Balenciaga Paris?" Thanks for this one. I really want to see more of his work more than Nicolas's, so this sounds like a solid choice.

    If you like that Lanvin book, might I suggest this Lanvin book? Alber had a hand in this book, so here, you can definitely see the connection between Jeanne & Alber's work. Talk about "being respectful to the codes of the house." (src:

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    I've SO many fantastic coffee table books stacked up and there is still so many brilliant books out there. Thank you for starting, FadeToBlack!

    Some recent purchases of mine are:

    Chanel Catwalk
    Christian Dior Catwalk
    Claudia Schiffer by Claudia Schiffer

    Some of my all-time favorite books are:

    Vogue: The Covers
    Models of Influence by Nigel Barker
    Becoming by Cindy Crawford
    Christian Dior: The New Look Revolution
    Harper's Bazaar: The Models
    Vogue: The Editor's Eye
    Vogue Paris: The Covers (2010)
    Vogue Paris: The Covers (2015)

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