Favorite store-brand/ private label Products?

Discussion in 'The Beauty Cupboard' started by ellastica, Dec 19, 2013.

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    Ive been secretly obsessed since the early 2000s back when I used to work for Target and was intrigued by their Archer Farms brand/ packaging. Some of their grocery goods are quite good and easy on the eyes to boot.

    Do they still make Choxie? I was impressed by their forward-thinking approach to private-label branding with a designer twist. Even their designer collaborations with world-renowned fashion designers got me jazzed but that'd be another thread altogether.

    I remember them having a really tasty pizza but the thing that really got me hooked on 'generic' was their Archer Farms Coffee ice cream . It came in the typical quart size container and was nearly identical in taste to Starbucks Java Chip ice cream but with smaller price tag and waay more ice cream to regret eating later :lol: but of course they haad to discontinue it.

    When i break down and eat junk food i buy the junkiest of the junkiest. I have a weakness for Kroger Lemon-line soda. Its so refreshing after a long day! I'm total nerd and even did a taste-test. The Kroger private label lemon-lime is hands-down superior in taste over Sprite!

    Yes Kroger makes the best store-brand chocolate chip cookie dough and cheese puffs. not that i'm going for nutritional value but the regular Cheetos are noticeably saltier.

    Kroger Simple Truth their private label organic, "natural" product line hasnt wowed me but fulfills my needs for healthier options in a pinch with out breaking the bank. Thier taro root chips weren't half bad. but Trader Joes has the market cornered on that in my opinion...

    Has anyone ever tried the store-brand beauty product versions of say Cetaphil or pricier Olay face creams etc? what did you think of them? i remember reading that they weren't as effective but cant remember where or the source; could've been totally biased.

    I was looking forward to gifting Trader Joe's shea hand cream sets very L'Occitane but they were sold out by the time i was ready to gift purchase :cry:

    Anywhoo do share any store-brand goods you've tried and loved or not so much!

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