Ombre Hair: How do you rock it?

Discussion in 'Hair Care' started by venomlipstick, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Oct 11, 2010
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    Before I knew about the 'ombre hair' trend, I had light highlights in my hair. As months passed, I got lazy, and just decided to let my hair grow out and cut out the bottom when I would have enough money to get it professionally done. When it grew fairly long, I realized how much I liked the two-tone look. My roots blended into the lighter highlights perfectly - almost effortlessly. I loved it. When I finally discovered that this look was the 'ombre', I had to do some research.


    Turns out Drew Barrymore is one of its main supporters!

    Do any of you ladies rock ombre hair? If so, did you do it on purpose?

    For everyone else, how do you feel about it? Love it or hate it?

    I think the ombre looks that incorporate more natural/warm tones are my favorite. I'm a little opposed to the upside down ombre -- blonde up top and dark at the bottom. It just doesn't have the same effect for me!
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