Please Report Your Designer Clothing Sizes Here

Discussion in 'Shop Till You Drop' started by BBabe, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. BBabe

    BBabe New Member

    Aug 15, 2004
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    Hi All,
    Since many of us shop online, creating a comphrehensive sizing report by label would be extremly helpful. Then we can compile it in an easy to follow graph. Meaning if I'm a DKNY 6, that would make me a BCBG 4. In order for it to be accurate those of you that have a consistent weight/shape/size (not me lol), please report the different sizes you take in the different labels by clothing style.
    Here's 1 guide for jeans I found:

    Blouse: BCBG 6, DKNY 4, Gap Small etc.
    Pant: BCBG 12, DKNY 8, Gap Large etc.
    Dress: BCBG 12, DKNY 8, JCREW Medium etc.
    and of course anything else you can think of...

    Thanks all!
  2. TheSoCalledPrep

    TheSoCalledPrep New Member

    Nov 30, 2003
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    It's like that foundation site!!

    I volunteer to do the table and host it... if needbe :flower:

    Rogan - 26
    Juicy - 26
    Earl - 26
    LEI :innocent: - 3
    Goa - 26
    DKNY - 2
    Banana Republic - 2
    Ann Taylor - 2
    Paper Denim & Cloth - 25
    Express - 0 or 2
    The Limited - 0 or 2

    James Perse - 0 or 2 but 2 is loose on me
    Ralph Lauren - XSmall, Small or 0
    Banana Republic - Small
    Michael Kors - XSmall
    Tommy Hilfiger - Small
    GAP - Small and XSmall

    Coach - 2, snug
    Espirit - Small or XSmall
    Giaccia - Small or XSmall

    BCBG - 9.5 (perfect!)
    Nine West - 9 or 9.5
    Adidas - 9
    Nike 9
    Most high end shoes I have to wear a 40 or 41... they all seem to fit so small :doh:

    I will think of more later...
  3. BBabe

    BBabe New Member

    Aug 15, 2004
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    That's great info! Thanks for posting. Hopefully if we get more - especially from similiar labels, we'll be able to figure out the formula for each label...
  4. traceyv

    traceyv New Member

    Aug 23, 2004
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    Shoes: Ann Taylor, D&G, most brands-7
    Nike, New Balance-8
    Jimmy Choo/Manolo Blahnik-7.5

    Clothing: Most brands (JCrew, Banana, AT) Size small or 4
    Designer: Size 6 or medium
    Chloe pants: 38
    Allessandro Dell Acqua jacket: 40
  5. meowmix

    meowmix New Member

    Dec 6, 2003
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    LV - 34, or the smallest letter size
    Gucci - 38, or XS
    Banana Republic - XS/P
    Juicy - P
    Petit Bateau - S

    Burberry - 2, tailored
    Marc by MJ - 2, or XS
    D&G - 38
    Gucci - 38
    LV - 34

    Diesel - 24 waist 30 inseam
    Citizens of Humanity - 24
    Blue Cult - 25
    AG - 24
    7 for all mankind - 24
    Joe's - 25

    Gucci - 5.5B open toe, 6B open toe, or 5C
    YSL - 5.5
    Christian Louboutin - 6
    BCBG - 6
  6. TheSoCalledPrep

    TheSoCalledPrep New Member

    Nov 30, 2003
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    I really want to get this thread going... I believe it could be majorly helpful
  7. PrettyInPinkO21

    PrettyInPinkO21 New Member

    Dec 27, 2005
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    Juicy Jeans - 27
    Miss Sixty Jeans - 28
    Sevens - 28
    Citizens - 28

    Dior Tops - US 6
    Burberry Tops - Small
    Locaste - 36 (tight, but tasteful, fit)

    Hope it helps!*
  8. Meg

    Meg inspired contemplation

    May 22, 2003
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    I think this is a great idea as so many of us order clothes intl. and don't understand how sizing translates. :flower:
  9. Baizilla

    Baizilla follow the lights

    Sep 25, 2005
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    ^ yeah it is...


    Dior Homme - sz 44
    Acne Jeans - sz S
    Ann Demeulemeester - S
    Comme des Garcons - S
    Dries Van Noten - S


    Dior Homme - sz S
    Acne Jeans - sz S
    Undercover - sz 3
    Ann Demeulemeester - S
    Comme des Garcons SHIRT - S
    Comme des Garcons PLAY - M
    Dries Van Noten - S


    Dior Homme - 28"
    Helmut Lang - 28"
    Acne Jeans - 29-30"
    Comme des Garcons - 28"


    C Diem - 43
    Dior Homme - 43
    Converse (Chuck Taylor) - 42
    Helmut Lang - 43.5
    Comme des Garcons - 42.5
    #9 Baizilla, Jan 16, 2006
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  10. Grill

    Grill Member

    Feb 24, 2005
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    All clothing -

    Louis Vuitton - 36, size S in knitwear & tees
    Marc Jacobs Collection - 2 tops/dresses - 4 sometimes if jacket/coat is cut narrow on the shoulders - 0 bottoms
    Chloe - 36 occasionally 38 if short in arms, narrow in shoulders
    Prada - 40 tops / 38 bottoms
    Hermes - 34 or 36 depending on the style.
    Top Shop - 8 tops, 6 bottoms
    M&S Cashmere - size 10 like to wear it looser.
    Lanvin - 36
    Sass & Bide jeans - 25
    Seven for all Mankind non - stretch jeans- 25
    Miss Sixty jeans - 24
    Balenciaga - 36 sometimes - 38 again depends on cut.
    Rochas - 36
    C&C california tanks - XS or S
    Juicy couture - S
    Nuala - XS bottoms, S tops
    Acne jeans - 25
  11. elschic111

    elschic111 New Member

    Nov 16, 2005
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    I lost weight (unintentionally) and can't seem to find any clothes that fit. I'm 5'5-6 ish and 32-23-33.

    Anne-Valerie Hash - S is slightly large
    Balenciaga - 36
    Hugo Boss - 34 in pants
    Isabel Marant - 0
    James Perse tanks in size 1 fit
    ArchIndigo - size 24 in Venus jeans
    BCBG XXS altered coat and some XS sweaters fit but most are too big
    Dolce and D&G - XS, 38, depends...sweaters and dresses...not jeans

    Brands/Lines/Designers that are too big for me even in their smallest sizes:
    Behnaz Sarafour
    Bennetton / Sisley
    Martin Margiela (pants in size 36 were too big, don't know if they come in 34)
    Park Vogel
    Paul & Joe
    Vanessa Bruno
    Vivienne Tam

    and that's all...:wink:
  12. elschic111

    elschic111 New Member

    Nov 16, 2005
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    Oups forgot the shoes!

    Christian Louboutin - 39
    YSL - 8.5, 39
    Prada, Miu Miu - 8.5, 38.5
    Casadei - 9, 8.5
    Michael Kors - 8.5
    Burberry (flats) - 8.5
    Lanvin (flats) 38.5 but I can pull off a 38
  13. ilovepositano

    ilovepositano New Member

    Jul 11, 2005
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    genius idea for a thread!!!! i'm so tired of paying so much for S+H b/c of size + fit issues. hopefully this will make everyone's online shopping more inexpensive!!! :flower:

    i dunno where else to post this, so here it is...i'm ordering a james perse dress (see pic) i'm 33-23-32 and am 5'4" and 95 pounds. usually i just order the smallest size and hope that it fits me. HOWEVER, i just found a really old james perse t-shirt in my closet that says 3 on their scale of 1-2-3-4 sizing. it fits me fine-- did they used to cut smaller (like 5 years ago), or did my top shrink through so much wash + dry??? do they cut really tight-- i don't like tight clothes! or is it b/c of my broad shoulders? :blink: HELP- what size should i order?!

    vanessa bruno 38, xs
    chloe - every size too big
    gucci- 38
    prada xs, 0, 38
    versace 38
    d&g 38
    vince xs or 0
    diane von furstenburg: 0
    splendid small- xs too small
    marc by mj- 0 or xs
    vivienne tam- xs, 0

    blue cult 25
    chip & pepper 24
    sass & bide 25
    citizens of humanity 24
    joseph 0
    joe's jeans 24
    sevens 24

    shoes: (don't make fun of me- i have big feet!!!)
    prada 40 (except for drivers which are too narrow)
    miu miu 40
    marc jacobs 9.5
    jimmy choo 40
    gucci 40
    blahnik 40

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  14. shopsmuch

    shopsmuch New Member

    Jan 10, 2005
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    wow, this is a great idea for a thread! i hate those "standardized size charts" on every website...that's so ridiculously unhelpful because all designers cut so differently. i'll have to post my size equivelants tomorrow, when i'm not so tired!
  15. Grill

    Grill Member

    Feb 24, 2005
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    Moschino 40 tops / jackets/ coats
    Dolce & Gabbana 40 tops / coats / jackets, etc.

    Does anyone know anything about Elie Tahari sizing???? I have fallen in love with a jacket from either Spring collection and I would have to mail order it from the States. I am confused about their sizing I would typically take either S or XS in the jacket however on Saks website XS is 0-2 and on Neimans XS is 2-4. Which would you say is the correct sizing?? Does anyone know if this range runs small or large ??? Thanks !!

    I just have to add that if you didn't know it Rochas has some major sizing abnormalities, a lot of their jackets and coats are cut teeny weeny in the some areas armholes, shoulders, etc. and it is therefore recommended that you should try before you buy any pieces from this line.
  16. elschic111

    elschic111 New Member

    Nov 16, 2005
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    More to add (me too :P )

    I actually messed up in my above "report"..
    I am 32 in Boss pants (yeah i forgot they had a 32..but i wrote this down because i keep a list), and a 36 in balenciaga pants was actually too big. i hear balenciaga varies in sizing i dont know how helpful that is!

    J. Brand - 24
    Ezra Fitch :ninja: - 24
    Barbara Bui - 34 (pants)
    Club Monaco - 0 too big (everything)
    Raven - size 0 low rise pants fit but didn't love them at all
    Superfine - 25 was too big!!! rrrrrrrrrrr they felt so comfortable
    Seven "A Pocket" jeans - 24 is too tight in the waist. 25 is too big. bad cut for my body type.
    radcliffe - size 25 is too big...i wish they came in 24
    Habitual - size 24
    Phillip Lim - size 0 too big.
  17. writergal28

    writergal28 New Member

    Apr 16, 2006
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    I'm 5'2, 33-24-34, so I'm mostly XS/XXS/0/0P.

    Rather than listing designers and brands sizes, I'll list places where I can't shop:

    Zara: their version of a US 4 (which is really a big 0) is too big. US 2 is nearly impossible to find and some of their clothes don't come in size small

    Club Monaco

    Jacob/Jacob Connexion (Canadian store based out of Montreal)

    H&M (most of the time)

    Because I'm a US 5 in shoes, it's close to IMPOSSIBLE for me to find dress shoes!
  18. elschic111

    elschic111 New Member

    Nov 16, 2005
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    I've done a lot of shopping and trying I thought I'd revive this thread!

    My sizing:
    chloe = 34 in pants (a tiny bit big at times...but god is this size difficult to find)

    sass and bide = 24

    superfine jeans = well, 25 was too i'm hoping this fall's size 24 will work

    prada = too big except for sweaters which are WAY out of my price range

    mcqueen = pants too big in size 38...i went to the store in the meatpacking district and they said that's the smallest size they carry

    balenciaga = 36 in pants is too big...and i'm not sure if they even make 34

    daryl k = size 2 is too big. does anyone know if they come in 0?

    jill stuart = god i love this store but even size 0 and 24 can be slightly large, depends on the item

    hugo boss = size 32 or 2 is a bit big. pants fit fairly well but they are just a bit large...if i were a few inches taller (say 5'9 or so) they'd work

    d&g = 36 or 38, but the pants don't work for me

    sportmax = size 2 too big

    rick owens = one of the only things that fits, but extremely difficult to find when you don't live in ny, and then there's the issue of price

    phillip lim = this is exactly within my price range but ca fait chier :doh: because it is too big

    BCBG = 0 in some short skirts and shorts, and xs in some sweaters, but nothing else...

    any suggestions? (besides a tailor unless you can reccommend one who can make a size 2 dress or pair of pants or something into a size 0?)

    oh and don't even get me started on the mall brands (express, club monaco, etc...just about everything in those stores is out of the question :cry:)
  19. Steam

    Steam New Member

    Jun 3, 2005
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    Here's mine:

    Martin Margiela - M, 46, II
    Dries van Noten - M, 48
    Veronique Branquinho - 48
    Ann Demeulemeester - S
    Viktor and Rolf - 46
    Miu miu - M, 39 (shirt)
    Agnes B - 1
    APC - 1
    Jil Sander - M, 48, 32 (jeans)
    Helmut Lang - S, 46, 30 (jeans)
    Dior Homme - M, 48
    Neil Barrett - S
    Dirk Bikkembergs - S
    Dirk Schonberger - 46 (pants)
    Raf Simons - 48

    I would love to hear from other guys so that I can have an idea about the relative sizing among men's designers (very handy when it comes to online shopping).
  20. visconti

    visconti New Member

    Jan 17, 2006
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    This is a great idea!

    I can't remember who labels their shirts with 15 or 38 or 48, so treat them interchangably.

    Costume National Homme- 46 for pants. 38US/48EU for blazers/coats. M for tees. I have one size 48 shirt. It's looser than I expected, so they may run a little bit big.

    Prada- M or 48 for shirts. The shirts run a little small, so I've gotten by with a 39. 46 for pants and jeans. 8.5 for shoes

    Miu Miu- 46 pants. I have a pair of 31 jeans. I could probably get by with a 30. 8.5 for shoes (sneakers). I have a 39 shirt. It fits well. I'm unsure of whether I'd fit their 38, but it may just be that my shirt is cut differently than average. Medium for tees

    Gucci- 46 for pants. 41.5 or 9US for shoes (lace up dress shoe and loafer respectively)

    Alexander McQueen- 48 for shirts (tee and button downs), 46 for men's pants. 44 for women's. 48 for suits and blazers. The jackets run a little tighter than average.

    Jil Sander- 46 for pants. I have some 31 jeans/casual pants. I could probably squeeze into a 30, but I've never had access to those. 48 or M for shirts. The new Raf designed tees are slightly tighter than some of the older ones. 48 for outerwear and presumably suits.

    Nudie- Jeans- 31

    CdG Shirt- Pants- Small

    Roberto Cavalli- Pants/jeans- Small. Shirts- 48

    Helmut Lang- Tee: M

    Hussein Chalayan- tee: 48

    Etro: Shirts- 48. Tees- I have Small and Medium. I don't understand the sizing of their pants. I have a 2 pairs of dress pants and some jeans that are labeled 33. They fit well enough that I don't need a belt at all, so I assume they do everything 2 sizes up (since I'm normally a 31).

    Emporio Armani/Armani Collezioni- 48 for suits/coats

    Burberry- 38 for shirts. I only have London not Prorsum. I assume it's the same.

    Dior- M for tees

    Dries Van Noten- 48 for suits

    Margiela 10- 48 for a blazer

    Moschino Jeans- M for a tee

    I don't know the sizes for all of the mall brands. The jackets and blazers are always too large. I usually end up with a S shirt, but they rarely fit well.

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