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    I saw some pieces in the Zellers flyer and , when I think of buying clothes i never think of zellers but some pieces look nice. Anyone been to the store and checked out the line?

    March 26, 2009
    David Livingstone
    Special to the star

    Even though – or is it because – times are tough, the value sector of the fashion market is rich in bow-tie blouses.
    For $24, there's the one to be had from Joe Fresh Style, sold at Loblaws and created under the direction of Joe Mimran.
    For $22.97, there's another to be found in Pure Alfred Sung, a new collection arriving at Zellers on April 1 and produced by the Mimran Group (owner of the Alfred Sung trademark), with president and managing director Saul Mimran – Joe's brother.

    But there are significant major differences between the brands.
    Joe Fresh Style is more casual and pitched to a zippier consumer; Pure Alfred Sung, though not intended for the boardroom, has an air of career wear. But they also have things in common.
    The Mimran brothers and Alfred Sung were all original co-founders of Club Monaco which, before Target and H&M, pioneered the notion of affordable designer looks.
    All three are involved in the Mimran Group, which also makes the Alfred Sung Home collection carried at Zellers.
    Joe, responsible for Loblaws' President's Choice Home as well as Joe Fresh, still derives financially from the Mimran Group, though he jovially points out that's only "when there are dividends" and seriously emphasizes that there is absolutely no exchange of insider information.
    "We all share a terrific history," says Saul. "He wishes us the best. We wish him the best."
    But the fun and the shared histories don't end there. Previous to his being appointed president and CEO of Zellers last summer by the new owners of its parent Hudson's Bay Company, Mark Foote was president of Loblaw Cos. Ltd. and had first-hand experience of the buzz and traction that Joe Fresh Style achieved.
    Recalling what he learned from that, Foote says, "We gained a really clear understanding of how great and simple fashion at great value pricing really helps create excitement."
    Priced from $12.97 to $39.97, Pure Alfred Sung features on-trend pieces such as the cardigan, the pencil skirt, the print dress. Foote considers the line "the most newsworthy move that we've made recently."
    And he suggests there are more to come. "There's some great creative thinking going on about apparel brand structures in Zellers." Sounds like that bow-tie blouse is just the beginning.



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    ^ very cool can't wait to check it out.
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    Cute. Except I hate Zellers. I can handle wal-mart and target but something about zellers. blurgh. That said, I like Alfred Sung. My mum has a couple of old suits of his that she adores, and still wears even though they are 20+ years old. She's just had the lining repaired.

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