RIP Gerren Taylor - 1990-2021

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    Beloved reality television star Gerren Taylor has passed away at 30-years-old.

    Most recognized for being a cast member on BET’s Baldwin Hills reality series, Taylor was also a model and runway star. Before her stint on television, the statuesque beauty became the youngest model to be signed to the coveted LA Models at just 12 years old.

    Throughout her career, Taylor worked with a number of fashion houses including Tracy Reese, Benjamin Cho, Tommy Hilfiger, and became the first African American to star in a Marc Jacobs ad campaign. Following her runway debut in 2003, Taylor’s modeling career stalled after agencies became hesitant to book her because of her height and weight—a struggle which she detailed in the movie ‘America The Beautiful‘ by filmmaker Darryl Roberts.

    The film details the challenges Taylor went through in the industry, before eventually taking a hiatus from professional modeling altogether when she was 15. “If I ever do another runway show, I’m going to be walking for the empowerment of women, not just walking on a stage,” she told LA Times in 2008.

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    Rip. She was so young and she apparently left a daughter behind.

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