Building a resort in Croatia- advice needed

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    Yes you read right, the boyfriend and I are currently building a resort on Island Pag, Croatia very close to Zrce beach... the new Ibiza. :D

    Now, thanks to a few marketing birds I am surrounded by, it has been suggested that I approach or even make a few calls as we say in London to pull strings to possibly get the whole process, onto a mini reality tv show but I'm just thinking it will create unncessary drama between us and the project by bringing in the media. Plus we are a very young couple I'm 22 and hes 27 so the "pressure" to create this perfection without the media is already at an all time high.

    But on the up side... the publicity for the resort will be :shock::shock::shock:

    What are people's views on this? Also, I will need a few assistants helping me with the interrior later on ;) so if you are London or even Croatia based, you should get in contact.
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