Fashion Illustration/Sketching/Drawing: tools, croquis, templates, books.

Discussion in 'Careers, Education & the Business of Fashion' started by sweet marianne, Oct 20, 2004.

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    Contemporary Fashion Illustration Techniques by Naoki Watanabe, is what I mainly use. It's very good.
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    I am newbie here... Does anyone help me out it getting fashion related..
  3. I know this question had been made ad infinitum here but most of the links are expired and I'm having a hard time finding good sources online.

    I'm thinking about going back to college to study fashion design since that was always my dream and I feel it would do wonders to improve myself as a garment creator. I'm pretty confident in the whole thing except for the most important part: sketching. My background is in sciences and I only had the most basic of art classes back when I was a little kid. I was never good at drawing.

    Are there any good books available online for download? I only have a few months to see what I can do and make up my mind and I'm not finding anything in physical stores (I found one book called "The Fashion Design Course" and it had nothing on sketching).

    I already bought a few basics: sketching pencils, India ink pens, an assortment of paper, rulers... I've been watching a few videos on youtube but it's all very confusing due to the variety of techniques. I spent 2 hours today trying to follow a video by a channel called Fashion Teaching and I ended up eating icecream out of a bucket feeling sorry for myself because I couldn't get the torso right. I think I'm even drawing worse than I was before. :lol: Does anyone know of good videos that teach in very simple, very complete ways, for people on the very very beginning? I'm not a fan of the whole "drawing over pictures" process as I'm afraid to gain some bad drawing habits.

    Thank you and sorry for the long post. :flower:
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    This book is lovely:
    Illustrating Fashion: Concept to Creation Hardcover – 1 Jan 2005
    by Steven Stipelman


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