Fashion shows that made you cry (or almost)

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    I will probably regret of doing this tomorrow, but here it go. I hope y'all allow me to start this thread.

    I know that this type of thing make some people laugh and call us frivolous, but you know, people like me (crying person) who loves fashion have this moment when a show suddenly becomes more than a show and the emotions are too strong to dont let it go, what its fair IMO, sometimes a show have so much creative energy involved that is difficult not to fell it. So im curiuos to know: this had ever happened to you? How many times? Do you think that is stupid? Please, lets share!

    Here is my list:
    Chanel FW09
    Rochas FW06
    McQueen FW06
    Celine FW10
    Balenciaga FW05
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    Dior Haute Couture SS04- The sheer amount of passion and creativity. We haven't seen anything like it since. It was a moment!

    Prada SS08- The Fairy collection and the show that got me into fashion in the first place. It will always have a special place in my heart. I'd never seen anything like it. It was beautiful. The music added another layer to it. It's my favorite collection of all time.

    Alexander McQueen FW08- Beautiful and Romantic. It had such an amazing set. The dresses were gorgeous. The music was intense.

    Nina Ricci SS09 - The girl who lived inside the painting. :heart: Poetry and Fantasy.

    John Galliano SS09- Unapologetically pretty and feminine. Simple, but absolutely beautiful. Amazing music and set. The headpieces and makeup was divine.This is one my favorite pictures.

    Jil Sander SS10- It was savage and sexual. The frayed edges and destruction of the clothes was beyond! The soundtrack from Zabriskie Point was perfection.

    Rodarte FW10- The Ghost Collection. Beautiful and Artisinal craftsmanship. It was perfect. The doo-wop soundtrack was melancholic and emotional. They looked beautiful spirits.

    Rodarte SS11- Beautiful color palette and fabrications. It had a very basic set but the clothes did all the talking. The 70's rock soundtrack took you to the Redwood Forrest in California where the collection took it's inspiration.

    Prada SS15- Post Cataclysm Chic. Shredded edges and clothing put together from scraps. Jewelry sewn onto tops. Gorgeous color palette. The soundtrack and the set couldn't have been any better. It all started with a bang When Gemma opened and lasted all the way till the end.

    [​IMG], vogue, nytimes.
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    It happened to me during shows that I have attended. Not that I literally cried, but I felt all kinds of emotions. They can get overwhelming when you're actually witnessing a show in person.

    I got quite emotional during Haider Ackermann F/W 13.14. The smoke, the models walking slowly to the sound of heavy footsteps, the piano in the music. It was such a haunting and gloomy atmosphere. The long, layered and draped clothes looked beautiful. I'm having chills just to think about it again. Here's the video :

    Lanvin F/W 12.13. It celebrated the 10 years of Alber Elbaz at the house. I liked the models walking in the dark, illuminated by a white spotlight and the never-ending catwalk. When the show ended, a big curtain opened behind the runway and there was a huge after show. It was crazy. Emotional and ecstatic at the same time.

    I also got emotional yet pretty excited at Hakaan S/S 2012. To see supermodels walking down the runway in front of you is an incredible feeling.

    Speaking of emotional shows, I cannot not think about Raf Simons' last show for Jil Sander Fall 2012. The whole collection, the color palette, the decor were sublime. Models were even crying during the finale. Memorable.

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    Off the top of my head, Alexander McQueen F/W '06 and S/S '07. I've cried my eyes out at the Kate hologram and I always get very emotional when I watch both shows.
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    I'm feeling so left out ;) I am an empath so I'm always crying ... but never over a fashion show -_-
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    Yeah, never felt so emotionally invested as to cry. But I cry with music all the time.. and other silly things, so I guess it depends on what kind of connection you have with certain outlets.

    What used to happen when I was younger and looking at fashion shows and being a "super fan" of certain designers, is that I would feel hysterically happy :lol:.. I would be in such a good mood after looking at something and my love and respect for them would skyrocket. That doesn't happen anymore.. ever.. I don't think it ever will because there are so many things I was definitely not aware of at that age and have understood about fashion that unfortunately prevent that kind of strong reaction. The closest now is whenever I find a garment that feels like heaven, that makes me smile and it also makes me obnoxious ("hi, feel these pants please" lol).. but not cry. Maybe if I knew the people involved and felt something more personal like pride or had seen the process and sacrifices, something I do get to see in my field (where I do cry a lot), which follows a similar sequence: endless months of work followed by spectacle/performance, but the performance is the ultimate mission and the cause of all drama and adrenaline, it's not the vehicle to sell something like a sweatshirt, so..I don't know.

    Anyway, I thought Yves' final show was pretty sad at the time... it was all over the news and it seemed like his days were numbered. But they weren't, he lived for another 6 years. :bunny:

    Here's the video, it wasn't that sad now that I look at it like a hundred years later..
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    i'm not a fan of his work at all but galliano ss06 makes me teary eyed everytime i watch it

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