Gucci S/S 2019 by Glen Luchford

Discussion in 'Ad Campaigns' started by vogue28, Jan 30, 2019.

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    ^^I was just thinking the same thing the other day - how little care image makers and photographers put into their work these days.

    No one seems to bother anymore with the actual craft and skill of making a compelling image - it's too easy for everyone to be a photographer these days. And with the speed in which everyone consumes content, it leaves little time for photographers and their teams to really build something. But what ends up happening is all the pictures end up extremely forgettable. If i don't get the sense that anyone cared enough to try, why should I try enough to care?

    This campaign (and many other's of Luchford's previous ones for Gucci) really does feel so passionate.
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    OH THIS.. is the eye of the storm. It's what men in stained raincoats pay for.. but in here it is pure..

    Anyone? no? ok.

    I love it :heart:.. super done with dumbed down fashion. Heavily charged in every sense and corner and it might prolong my interest for another week. Also yes to white tights, yes to tap dancers, ryan vettel, etc, imagine how cool if it was all tap dancers, no models? one can dream.

    Also, I enjoy the shows of this [grating] man almost as much as I enjoy the campaigns, totally different ballparks but consistent enough.. one has to have an immediate effect and is therefore more aggressive and that works in different directions, but a campaign is more reflective (you’re still selling [very lovely] white shoes and white tights but there’s a narrative you can absorb slowly).

    For me the obstacle is the actual product, with the exception of a few items here and there, I enjoy the idea of this, the unapologetic spectacle and how it orbits around some surreal world (which is far more interesting than the sneaker and sweatshirt reality we’re living in) but the pieces always whisper Gucci/tacky luxury brand to me. I think I spent all of my formative years dreading Gucci/Versace that even when people say he’s changed it all so much, I actually can’t unsee freaking Gucci creeping out of harmless angles or unforgivable stamps of vulgarity (like that godawful signature stripe) and that turns me off.
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    Now this sparks joy

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