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    a little late but hey :wink:
    Info provided by TIME MAGAZINE Time: Best and Worst of 2003

    L O U I S V U I T T O N ' S M U R A K A M I B A G
    Marc Jacobs is no fool. Knowing that Japanese women are his most important customers at Louis Vuitton, he collaborated with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami on what may just be the best-selling handbag of all time: a tacky white Vuitton confection with bubblegum bright logos and funny characters splashed all over it. Even the $1,200 price tag didn't stop Madonna, Gwyneth and Renée from carrying it. And the sales for this bag alone bagged over $350 million for Louis Vuitton, proving that neither luxury nor status are dead.

    I S A A C M I Z R A H I ' S S T R I P E D S H I R T S
    F O R T A R G E T
    Mizrahi gets the prize for making cheap clothes look seriously chic. His line of $29 striped shirts and $9 sunglasses for Target flew off the shelves, and defined a new fashion category: "masstige." Now every high-end designer is rushing to the mall.

    J U I C Y C O U T U R E ' S $ 5 0 M I L L I O N S A L E
    T O L I Z C L A I B O R N E
    The story is a familiar one: two T-shirt designers from L.A. create a product so hot even Jennifer Lopez knocks it off. Then they go to Paris and vamp around at the couture. Before you know it they're selling the business and talking about new lines for handbags, perfume, and makeup. It's called empire building, Hollywood-style.

    A N N R O T H ' S C O S T U M E S F O R
    C O L D M O U N T A I N
    The grande dame of Hollywood costume design outfitted 1500 Civil War soldiers in line-for-line, hand-dyed replicas of authentic Confederate uniforms and dressed Nicole Kidman in an unforgettable series of antebellum ball gowns. Take note, John Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld. This could be the jump-start for some much-needed romantic inspiration.

    Q U E E R E Y E F O R T H E S T R A I G H T G U Y
    Fashion savant Carson Kressley has given straight guys everywhere license to shop, which, on second thought, might not be such a good thing.

    M O N O G R A M S
    Everywhere you look — from cashmere sweaters to crystal cocktail tumblers — merchandise is inscribed with preppy-style monograms. It's the personal touch that seems to matter, at least in retail. For the holiday shopping season, monograms were the number one hottest seller.

    M I S S Y A N D M A D O N N A ' S G A P R A P
    Missy Elliott reportedly out-diva'd Madonna on the set (even though the material girl brought along her Kabbalah reader), but the end result was a 30-second clip and thousands of pages of advertising that collectively put The Gap back in the black for the all-important back-to-school season.

    A L E X A N D E R M c Q U E E N ' S S P R I N G 2 0 0 4
    R U N W A Y S H O W
    Inspired by They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, this was the best show of the season. Only this bad-boy Brit could make Depression-era clothes look glamorous.

    C H A N D E L I E R E A R R I N G S
    They swung right off Nicole Kidman's shoulders and into the pages of every fashion magazine. Now they're selling at every price point — and every red carpet beauty's got 'em.

    R E N É E Z E L L W E G E R A T O S C A R S 2 0 0 3
    With a lipstick red Carolina Herrera gown and a big ruby ring, the girl next door got really glamorous.


    U G G B O O T S
    They've been a staple in Australia for some time, but it wasn't until Cameron Diaz paired these super-ugly shearling boots with shorts that they became the "it" item of spring, summer and winter. Someone should just rename them "ugh".
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    i love the ugg boots! except i'm not gonna get them because too many people have them @ my school...and it'll look like i'm just 'following the trends'
  3. oceanharlot

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    Jan 2, 2004
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    no one has them here, thank god... *knocks on wood* because the second i see everyone has them, mine are going to be confined to cold nights indoors and bonfires.
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    I'm in Australia and I really dislike ugg boots - there should be a law banning them! Not even Kate Moss looks good in them and she usually pulls anything off.
    :yuk: about the LV Murakami bag and monograms in general. Yay for Alexander McQueen and:

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