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    I want to know if there is already a thread that talks about the back and forth between street style and designers. I.E. the idea that a trend originates on the street, gets taken up by designers and and then fed back to the street again, where it evolves or morphs into something new and the cycle then continues. I would be very interested in hearing other people's observations along this theme, and seeing your street style pictures which pre-figure catwalk trends in some way. I guess what we are talking about is 'coolhunting'. I don't know if there is already a thread along these lines or perhaps this is the most appropriate place for this kind of discussion?
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    I'm not really sure if we have a thread discussing exactly that, but we do have threads discussing how trends are formed

    though it would be very intresting to have a thread on this since this is something very common nowadays

    Jeans is probably the biggest streetstyle that the catwalk later adapted, and what was previously workwear can now be a designer item with a pricetag to match

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