Halima Aden: 'Why I Quit Modelling'

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    This story just keeps on giving... from a former interview: ¨

    "I can thank Carine Roitfeld for taking a huge chance with me. I’d never done any modeling, and she put me on the cover [of CR Fashion Book] way before IMG even signed me. It just opened so many doors. Everybody has been so accommodating—even today, they set up a little box that could be my own changing area. It was very sweet, and so above and beyond, and nothing I was expecting at all. The fact that I get to be myself, and that nobody is pressuring me to be anything other than myself...."

    Meet Halima Aden, the First Muslim Model to Walk in Fashion Week With a Hijab

    From an article where Gigi Hadid supports her decision to quit:
    “What I blame the industry for is the lack of MUSLIM stylists,”
    Gigi Hadid Hails Now-Retired Model Halima Aden for 'Getting Back on Track' | Al Bawaba
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    Nov 12, 2014
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    This reminds me of that one model who won a Victoria's secret modeling contest and then was sad and conflicted about how modeling sexy lingerie clashed with her strict Christian beliefs. Like this is the industry where a then teenage Lindsey Wixson asking for a bra to wear under a sheer top made news. I don't think some of these girls really understand what's involved in modeling and what a model is supposed to be. A model is supposed to be a blank canvas for clothes and art, it's not supposed to be about the model. I understand some models not being comfortable with nudity or kissing another model etc, but being so particular about how you want to be shown just won't work for a model. I'm originally from the middle east and was raised in a traditional and strict catholic household, so I get why she feels this way but at the same time she should've realized the industry wasn't going to change because it doesn't want to. From a conservative standpoint, fashion being all about aesthetics and liberty and narcissim money and debauchery, it's like a den of sin. Models are basically selling their bodies in a way. A conservative religious model just seems like an oxymoron to me. Also to me i always felt modesty was more a lifestyle and not just a look, so a modest model just seems very bizarre to me personally.
    I hope that doesn't sound mean.
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    She was always boring, in every single picture.
    Her undeniable beauty, was always obscured by that stupid hijab.
    I hope she finds peace in her next career.
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    I think exactly the same, a model lives of showing off her body, clothed or naked, and that in itself is inmodest, from the get go it clashes with an ultra-conservative way of living and judging the world. It's not the industry making these women invisible, it's their own family and the beliefs they hold...
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    Strange that Vogue Arabia is keeping mum on the drama considering they've hired her as a Diversity Officer last summer. Probably caught between a rock and a hard place, lol. At the time Manuel Arnaut said:
    That motivated me to invite Halima Aden to join our team as Diversity editor at large, helping us to better curate topics and continue our history of catalyzing meaningful discussions on themes relating to equality, inclusion, and human rights. I’m excited to continue our journey together

    On the one hand they want to applaud her because their audience would likely agree and yet by doing so they will attract attention for the times they've styled her hijab and those of other models who appeared in the magazine.
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