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Discussion in 'Personal Style' started by StrawberrySpring, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. well i want a makeover... i have thoughts that my style doesn't suit me...
    i want to achieve a style like Julia Restoin Roitfeld has...
    you know, an effortless bombshell, classic beauty with a rock-chic vibe... but she's curvy, tanned and dark-haired.

    i'm a typical slavic, ethereal beauty.
    i have light brown hair, grey & blue eyes, i'm tiny and petite.
    so i think that style that i chose is "too big" for me. i want to emphasise my soft features, not cover them.

    well then which style would suit me best? i don't like all these boho/romantic things... i want my style to be bold, strong, but chic & sexy at the same time. will it work with all my features? :huh: i'm so undecided!
    i mean that with this "ethereal" type you can easily look dull, like a "grey mouse"... and i want to glow!
    i was looking for an inspiration, or the celebrities that have the same type of beauty of me and can work with it... but i didn't find any! :doh:

    so guys... could you please help? any ideas? thanks for replies... any tip will be helpful! :flower:
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    Nov 3, 2010
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    The key would be in the tailoring, if you're quite teeny.

    JRR seems to wear quite a lot of LBDs, which would look wonderful with your colouring, if they fit you perfectly. Do you have any tailored dresses? Cashmere dresses with a belt would also be lovely and define your figure, and emphasise your softness.

    As for outerwear, you could throw over a vintage sequin blazer, tailored coat or soft fitted leather jacket, so as not to overwhelm your figure. And some platform shoes or knee high boots to give a bit of an edge, and interesting jewellery.

    I really like bold floral/abstract print silk dresses, which could suit your colouring if they are very fitted.

    What is your wardrobe like at the moment? :flower:
  3. my wardrobe is quite classy... but boring
    i have lots of tailored cardis in black, white, grey, pink. i love miniskirts, so i have tons of it. i have only 2 pair of skinny jeans. everything is in neutral, classic colors.
    i bought all these thing when i was a Victoria Beckahm's fan :lol:

    i'm all about adding a twist to it... i want a rock twist, but i don't know if it's proper for me.
    i also love girly/feminine clothes.
    i just don't know how to fix it all together...
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    You can definitely do rock chick while still embracing your ethereal otherworldly quality. A lot of rock chick types have an amazing fragility about them, which they use to emphasise their strength and rockiness. Look at a young Kate Moss, in her pre Johnny Depp days...especially her CK advertising campaign. She was ethereal but edgy and it was the contrast of the two qualities which created her magic.

    Freja Beha Erichsen is also very rocky, but elfin and magical with it.

    Going back a long long way I would also say that Jane Birkin had something very ethereal going on but she was one of the original rock chicks. Depending upon your eyes and face shape maybe get a Birkin eye skimming fringe (if you're small you'll probably have prominent eyes which will be really set off by this, especially if they are dark and deep set.) Really focus on the eyes. I think you can wear rocky clothes whatever size you are and I don't think that any look is 'too big' for someone per se, just adapt it to make it work with your face and build, and maybe add a little bit of floatiness. Just to soften things out, if you can bear to.

    (I just want to add that 'the amazing fragility' I refer to is something which occurs naturally in some people, and that if you are not naturally built that way, like the original poster, then it is a bad idea to pursue that form of beauty, as all forms of beauty are equal, and curve are just as amazing in their own way, sorry, felt I had to qualify that as I know so many girls who try too hard to make themselves look fragile and become ill in the process)
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    Also Strawberryspring, I forgot to add, the more rocky your clothes the more striking your soft features will become, because of the contrast (hard/soft) it's like wearing dark colours with pale skin...one emphasises the other instrad of detracting from it.
  6. thank you guys for advices...
    you really helped me a lot, karma for you! :flower:

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