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Discussion in 'Art & Design' started by MDNA, Apr 17, 2019.

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    I simply like "Love Song", but it sounds like Diet-Prince, like he came up with it in 5 minutes because his label told him to. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he just had it in his "vault", and said, "You want a song w/ me and her? Fine, here you go." If I had "Like a Prayer" on digital or CD, I'd just skip past to track # 9 before listening to this one.

    As far as her look for this album goes, again, she should just go back to Lori. I get that there's slim-pickings these days w/ regards to cutting edge design, but that's where a highly creative person, who's spent years doing this, can take the trash that's out there now, and turn it into treasure!

    And as far as the photography goes, I know I said, "Please get that finger out of your mouth," but I didn't mean, "and replace it with a saxophone."
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    ^^^ May be hard to believe with Love Song— but apparently they really did wanted to work together... (It was even slipped by some media back then that it was planned as the 2nd single.)

    Love Song just sounds like a chill, funky improv and a one-take (although they were never in the studio together:( That’s its charm for me. Most of the Like A Prayer tracks were apparently one-takes: Patrick Leonard just posted a handful of the original session tracks this week on his Youtube channel.

    If you want to talk about someone who was obligated to contribute to her— that would be Bjork’s Bedtime Story. Never liked that song nor the video. But the 95 Brit Awards performance was all kinds of gorgeous-- and Lori dressing her in that Versace gown, with Orlando giving her that goddess hair is why the Bedtime Stories era is untoppable.
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    Bedtime Story is actually one of my favourite songs off that album, and the video too. Don't you like it because it's Bjork, lol? I would add that it certainly wasn't Madonna and that stylistically, the song didn't match the tone of the album. It may have been better suited to Ray of Light?

    I wish I cared enough for Like A Prayer to appreciate the fact that the songs were one-takes. Maybe it's an age thing because I can't associate with that album at all, just like I can't associate with anything post Hard Candy.
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    - Riccardo Castano
    Stylist - Eyob Yohannes
    Hair - Andy Lecompte
    Makeup - Isamaya Ffrench

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