Trends You Are Sick Of #4

Discussion in 'Trend Spotting' started by Thread Manager, Sep 25, 2014.

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    Apr 27, 2020
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    @Phuel Love that last line. In this current state of what I like to call “E-Activism”, the only opinion that truly matters is that of the majority. I recently wrote a piece outlining the importance and growth of the second-hand luxury goods market. Websites like TheRealReal and the duo behind the company Re-SEE are changing the shopping patterns of consumers at a rapid pace, so much so that retail analysts suggest the second-hand goods industry will surpass that of the growth of fast fashion by a pretty wide margin in the next decade. This is incredible news and should be broadcast everywhere in my honest opinion.

    These figures and projections are cast aside, however, as anyone with an internet connection is able to interject and impose their opinion without any second thought. As you mentioned, the many entitled and actually privileged people scouring the internet with a chip on their shoulder for who knows what reason would like people to believe they have some type of idea of what is going on across the world because they read Buzzfead or ponder over the Washington Posts “Post Most” material once a week. If every label could mirror that of Dries Van Noten and support a third-world countries population with providing good paying jobs for craftsmanship I am sure they would. But you mean to tell me we are going to sit here and listen to “influencers” or “activists” speak on the troubling realities of the fashion industry on Twitter while they sip $18 margs from a rooftop in the Lower East Side? Book a trip to Vietnam or Bangladesh where these large factories are located and convince workers to leave their posts due to your opinion on fashion and fashion, I am sure that will work wonderfully.

    This is the age of the opinion and information overload. No opinion is wrong and everyone is right. That is why I love this forum so much- educated people discussing real topics that have FACTUAL evidence to back their claims, refreshing isn’t it? This idea of e-activism and the current climate of misinformation is astonishing to say the least.
  2. Phuel

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    Feb 18, 2010
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    Possessing just a hint of self-awareness in this industry is a wonderfully liberating thing! So when I’m being bombarded with “the sustainability issue” from every damn fashion publication when their greed is the only insistence of this wasteful 12-issues/annually template, alongside corporate brands hustling “sustainability” all the while churning out a dozen collections (of sh!t may I add) a year (..frankly, 2 collections a year from a brand is already more than enough), and all represented by flash-in-the-pan models lacking the self-awareness of being a model and insisting with “activist”/“humanitarian” to their credit for a campaign for Saks. Just do whatever you feel you need to do to be a better individual and for a better world without announcing to everyone and the world how “good" you are. If you can’t do that then just fcuck off.

    No one needs to be a giant jerk flexing excess in the face of poverty either, of course. Just that fashion/luxury/beauty really are such superficialities that there’s absolute nothing wrong in admitting I’m grateful to enjoy such privileges, exclusivities and ultimately escapism. These conglomerates really need to dial back their faux-humanitarianism while aggressively pushing ridiculously overpriced bucket hats. Because who really cares about HC when the floods in Germany is so devastating to the people of that region while wildfires are burning down homes in another part of the world etc etc, and yet here we are— discussing whether Demna is a worthy couturier for Balenciaga LOL
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    Nowdays, second-hand clothes is big market and company and charity organization care about profit. All clothes which charity/company gave to sorting office, start select on few different categories: vintage clothes, designer clothes, ordinary clothes, clothes in bad quality but you can recycling, clothes which only bin. Next they start sell particular company. This main reason why you didn't find something interesting. It is very rare find designer clothes in thrift shops. Sometimes someone make a mistake and put it in bad basket, because they selected huge amounts of clothes.

    Sustainable textile and recycling is big joke in fashion industry. You can only recycling small part of textile because is not easy and companies didn't investing in this kind of technology.
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    Can someone explain the sweatpants pulled up so high? High rise sweatpants that ARE NOT high rise sweatpants
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    Ummm..after doing the gay party-scene here on the Eastern seaboard, I’m going to say the men-in-nailpolish look.

    But, men in skirts and pearls? That, I’m okay with.
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    May 26, 2016
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    Women who have a wardrobe that consists of nothing but cropped furry/ribbed acrylic knits...

    Supreme panties are hideous! Worst item to be feautured on the pages of Vogue Paris!

    Young brands that sanctimoniously declare they only use upcycled garments or whatever. If only the things they created were well designed! Or had a significant impact to begin with! Just an excuse to badly stitch five awful garments and charge a small fortune for them!...the guilt tripping at design schools must be on another level.

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