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Discussion in 'The Beauty Cupboard' started by opalblu, Feb 1, 2017.

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    I'm in my late 20's and starting to notice some very fine lines developing under my eyes. I want to start using an eye cream to act as a preventative and help the lines that are there.

    I want to try either Neostrata Eye Contour Firming Cream or Avene PhysioLift EYES as they both get great reviews and fit my budget. Which is the better of the two? As someone just venturing into the world of eye creams, I have no idea what will be best for fine lines.

    Thank you!
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    I think the best preventative for more lines is not eye creams but sunscreen and vitamin c serum. All an eye cream going to do is moisturize; it doesn't prevent future damage.

    Damage is caused by the sun. The most important thing is to pick a solid sunscreen with a high PPD (can be chemical or physical like Elta MD) and use a vitamin c serum (you can read vitamin c serum reviews here but I personally prefer Skinceuticals) as it increases the sun's protection.

    Also, the only thing that has been proven scientifically to reduce wrinkles is retin-a so you can try a milder over the counter product like Neutrogena Rpaid Wrinkle Repair and then move on to prescription strength Retin-A.

    Nothing else is going to be as effective as sunscreen, retin a and vit c
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