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Discussion in 'Careers, Education & the Business of Fashion' started by Sampson Sunday, Jan 6, 2010.

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    I need some photos taken of two garments I've made and i'm struggling to find any good locations.

    My project was on communication and social networking so it would be ideal to have something like a 'BT background with wires, cables etc'.

    or as my garments are really modern and young i was thinking quite a plain, bright simplistic background.

    anyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ideas? please help
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    I can't help you with actual locations ... I assume you are in London. Of course, if you could get access to a real place that has IT equipment that would be ideal, but not likely you will be able to arrange that. Another idea .... if you can get outside of London to the countryside ... and if you can find a road with a long line of telephone poles with wires ... you could shoot down the road with the poles receding in the background. I know everything is moving towards wireless now ... but it would show how things used to be in communication .. harkens of a time of telephones with wires and communication via morse code. Dont shoot in bright sunlight ... opt for a cloudy day ... more flattering for the model and your colors will pop.

    Or ... why not do it on a set or in a room with a plain wall ... and then dress the set with electronic stuff fromm anyone who is there at the shoot. Ask them to bring laptops, cell phones, blackberrys, even telephones then add wires and cables (as mentioned) which you should be able to find at any hardware store ... it doesn't need to be real cables ... just any wire that looks like it. Maybe bring in a ladder to set a few electronic things on and set the ladder to one side of the set ... and string wires across the backdrop ... in a tangle, or drop them verically. Use your creativitiy and play with it until it looks good with a model in front of it.

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