What Is Fashion?

Discussion in 'Fashion... In Depth' started by jennie hunt, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. jennie hunt

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    Dec 30, 2020
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    Fashion...My question is...What is fashion according to you...??

    From my perception, everyone has different thoughts about fashion. Everyone has a different mind of the set.
    Fashion is just what you like or not like. what do you want to wear or not, either in clothes, shoes or accessories... In winter somebody likes to wear a warm coat and somebody wants to wear a jacket or somebody likes to use a woolen shawl. But if you say I am wearing a jacket so this is best for all, I am looking beautiful but no one. Or you can say I am wearing this so everybody should wear like this, If someone not doing the same thing, then people usually say oh...you are an old fashion girl or boy. Don't know what is an old fashion or new fashion?? Don't judge anybody from their clothes or shoes or any other thing.

    I have a concept of personality but it's not compulsory that if you wearing the Gucci brand, or Adidas or Fila then you can stand in society...No wayyy...We have to change our mindset.

    I'm sorry...but it's a fact...:smile:
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  2. SLFC

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    May 26, 2018
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    To me its kind of strange, I love following because I have a creative mind and wonder what I create using the pieces but in real life, I'm the opposite of being big on fashion, frankly I cant really afford it, but otherwise I really only care about what I can be comfortable in. Baggy clothes, sweatpants(even in the summer heat) and all.
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    GERGIN Well-Known Member

    Feb 15, 2010
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    I'm pretty much the same, I cannot really afford it! And even if I did I wouldn't be responsible enough to handle such expensive materials like cashmere or silks. I appreciate fashion the same way I appreciate art, looks beautiful but not practical under any circumstances based on my lifestyle to purchase.
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  4. susseinmcswanny

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    May 7, 2020
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    Altho I could not stand Karl Lagerfeld most of the time, something he used to say resonates with me. If you have a 100k fur coat, you wear it like it’s a cheap denim jacket. You treat it like what it is–a coat. The cut and materials are secondary to its purpose. Treating your clothes with this attitude, even the more conceptual ones, will bring the nonchalance that people strive for. You are wearing the clothes. The clothes are not wearing you. In regards to fashion, the design and materials you choose are to accentuate and sometimes emphasize your character and identity.

    A problem with fashion right now is everyone’s constant need for a dopamine rush. Everything’s gotta be new new new one-and-done season after season. New ideas, new concepts, new inspirations, etc. Everyone wants to be special. I definitely have gotten lost in this way of thinking. For the past like decade I have solely thought about fashion in my head rather than in reality. This past season I thought I would finally try out buying more creative/conceptual pieces directly from the runway to try and bring my fantasy into real life. Turns out my thoughts and reality do not match LOL. I objectively looked at what I bought, then looked at my current wardrobe and was kind of shocked at the complete difference between the two. I love what I bought, but does it really work with the way I dress? Can I make it work? How did I get here lol.

    I think that what is being presented as RTW is almost, bare w me here, being presented as HC. My understanding of HC in the current decade is that it's just an idea of what "could be". RTW is then what "is". But almost everything that RTW stands for lacks what "is". It is not what people wear. It may be what people wear to take pictures with, but it is not reality. No one can relate to these clothes. The level of wealth it takes to be one-and-done with this stuff season after season is astronomical. When someone normal tries to keep up with this mentality, the clothes end up wearing them and not the other way around. The person lacks identity. Barely any RTW today has a chance to be added into someone’s wardrobe. It’s just used as a temporary drug. I truly believe what fashion is now is an authentically curated wardrobe. Whether your wardrobe is plain clothes, crazy conceptual, or a mix of the two, the uniqueness of your identity should create that fashion. What’s being presented to us right now as “fashion” is just too fantastical and almost a cult of personality. It is not authentic at all. It is not meant for us to connect with and is just created for us to spend money.
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  5. Scotty

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    Apr 3, 2015
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    Dior F/W 03 show.
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