Your 20 Best Supermodels of All Time

Discussion in 'The ETC's of the Modeling World' started by Bellesimo, Mar 12, 2021.

  1. Bellesimo

    Bellesimo Member

    Jan 21, 2021
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    If you rank them,what would you order into top20

    I have followed in this industry for not over 7 years,so I don't know much about old-supermodels(70s-90s especially 90s which is considered or overrated as the best era of supermodels)

    So,I ask in this forum which I think a lot of people in this thread have been followed for over 20+years.

    What about your opinion?
  2. bluestar

    bluestar Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2013
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    Hmmm this is a great question. Pretty difficult to answer when looking at the last 30-40 years, as there are so many models to choose from and some eras are hard to compare. That being the case, these 20 models would probably be my personal favourites of all time. I haven't put them in order of favourites (although I do love the 90s supermodels with all my heart) but rather in order of the eras they come from. Anyways, here you are...

    1) Linda Evangelista
    2) Yasmeen Ghauri
    3) Christy Turlington
    4) Naomi Campbell
    5) Shalom Harlow
    6) Alek Wek
    7) Karmen Cass
    8) Karen Elson
    9) Mariacarla Boscono
    10) Liya Kebede
    11) Natasha Poly
    12) Kasia Struss
    13) Joan Smalls
    14) Liu Wen
    15) Anna Ewers
    16) Imaan Hammam
    17) Rianne von Rompaey
    18) Vittoria Ceretti
    19) Sora Choi
    20) Luna Bijl
    20.5) Adut :winkiss:
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  3. woemwoem

    woemwoem Well-Known Member

    Feb 10, 2006
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    Josie Borain, Clothilde, Christy Turlington, Iman, Karen Mulder, Gisele Bundchen, Sun Fei Fei, Isabella Rosellini, Patti Hansen, Naomi Campbell, Kristen McMenamy, Tanga Moreau, LIsa Taylor, Georgina Grenville, Vanessa Duve, Paulina Porizkova, Renee Simonsen, Lauren Hutton, Nadja Auermann, Daria Werbowy.
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  4. nigelraphe

    nigelraphe New Member

    Sep 13, 2020
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    Number 1 and Only: Queen Naomi:mohawk:

    Iconic 12: Twiggy, Iman, Shalom Harlow, Mariacarla Boscono, Raquel Zimmermann, Karen Elson, Freja Beha Ericshen, Sasha P, Carla Bruni, Kristen Mcmenamy, Daria Werbowy, Linda Evangelista

    New Super 6 : Anja Rubik, Isabeli Fontana, Natasha Poly, Gemma Ward, Jessica Stam, Rianne van Rompaey,

    Underrated Gems 4: Eniko Mihalik, Edita Vilkeviciute, Kasia Struss, Magdalena Frackowiak

    22 in totals:D

    P.S. My most favorite is still Anna Jagodzinska:heart::heart:
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  5. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo New Member

    Mar 15, 2021
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    Claudia Schiffer, Kristen Mcmenamy, Lara Stone, Imán, Lauren Hutton, Meghan Colisson, MariaCarla, Esther Cañadas , Yasmeen Ghauri , Stephanie Seymour , Anna Nicole Smith , Nadja Auermann , Cindy Crawford , Gisele , Stella Tennant , ...
  6. namelesscloud

    namelesscloud Member

    Feb 6, 2021
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    in chronological order Linda Evangelista,Christy Turlington,Naomi Campbell,Kate Moss,Gisele,Carmen Kass,Liya Kebede,Isabeli Fontana,Mariacarla Boscono,Daria Werbowy,Natasha Poly,Joan Smalls,Jourdan Dunn,Liu Wen,Imaan Hammam,Vittoria Ceretti,Gigi Hadid,Rianne van Rompaey,Sora Choi,Adut Akech
  7. Serend1pity

    Serend1pity Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2020
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    Kendall, hailey, Gigi, Heidi klum’s daughter...joke joke

    I am younger but love collecting old magazines and old editorials

    number 1: Naomi
    supers: christy, Linda, Kate moss, amber, yasmeen, gisele, Natalia v, Natasha p, Adriana, Libya kebede, iman, alek wel
    Newer models: Imaan hammam, Joan Smalls, Liu wen, jourdan Dunn, Lara stone, adut akech
    Male model: Tyson beckford
    Also have a huge soft spot for Barbara palvin one of my fave commercial models ❤️
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  8. oaklee91

    oaklee91 Active Member

    Dec 16, 2020
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    My personal top 20 (very biased)

    01. Karolina Kurkova
    02. Gisele Bundchen
    03. Naomi Campbell
    04. Liu Wen
    05. Gemma Ward
    06. Isabeli Fontana
    07. Alek Wek
    08. Sui He
    09. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
    10. Xiao Wen Ju
    11. Liya Kebede
    12. Carla Bruni
    13. Carmen Kass
    14. Ai Tominaga
    15. Candice Swanepoel
    16. Alessandra Ambrosio
    17. Adriana Lima
    18. Tao Okamoto
    19. Duckie Thot
    20. Brandi Quinones
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  9. Phuel

    Phuel Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2010
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    1. The eternal Christy Turlington
    2. The first and the last Veruschka
    3. The one the only Yasmeen Ghauri
    4. Yasmin Lebon
    5. Veronica Webb
    6. Nadja Auermann
    7. Kristin McMenamy
    8. Gia Carangi
    9. Mariacarla Boscono
    10. Adwoa Aboah
    11. Naomi Sims
    12. Fei Fei
    13. Liu Wen
    14. Kate Moss
    15. Naomi Campbell
    16. Nadege du Bospertus
    17. Jessica Stam
    18. Edita
    19. Gemma Ward
    20. Lineisy Montero
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  10. Armani

    Armani Tech Support ⌨♥

    Mar 27, 2017
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    This isn’t going to be exactly 20, but…

    1) Naomi
    2) Yasmeen
    3) Iman
    4) Gisele
    5) Kate M.
    6) Christy
    7) Linda
    8) Claudia
    9) Cindy
    10) Liu Wen
    11) Natasha
    12) Mariacarla
    13) Joan
    14) Jourdan
    15) Alek
    16) Liya
    17) Imaan
    18) Sora
    19) Adut
    20) Grace E.
    21) Vitto
  11. congacon

    congacon Active Member

    Jul 7, 2010
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    Best to me means talent so here is my top 10:

    1. Daria Werbowy (Meryl Streep of the fashion world. She could be anyone from Alt to Philo, Diane von Furstenberg, Elizabeth Taylor, tomboy, you name it)
    2.Linda Evangelista
    3.Raquel Zimmerman
    4.Kate Moss
    5.Christy Turlington
    6.Amber Vallette
    7. Sasha P
    8. Maria Carla Boscono
    9.Karen Elson
    10. Lara Stone
  12. GivenchyHomme

    GivenchyHomme Well-Known Member

    Sep 3, 2009
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    It's very difficult to choose 20 and I don't just want to pick some models just to fill that list. Here are some of my all time favorites! :heart:

    1. Naomi Campbell
    2. Rianne Van Rompaey
    3. Veruschka
    4. Lara Stone
    5. Raquel Zimmermann
    6. Jessica Stam
    7. Elise Crombez
    8. Amber Valetta
    9. Guinevere Van Seenus
    10. Liya Kebede
    11. Alek Wek
    12. Snejana Onopka
    13. Natasha Poly
    14. Daria Werbowy
    15. Isabeli Fontana
    16. Malgosia Bela
  13. Viktor Rieker

    Viktor Rieker Active Member

    May 7, 2007
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    My personal list.
    Top 15 Supermodels from 90's to nowadays
    1 Gisele
    2 Christy Turlington
    3 Kate Moss
    4 Naomi
    5 Natalia Vodianova
    6 Karen Elson
    7 Alek Wek
    8 Raquel Zimmermann
    9 Carolyn Murphy
    10 Mariacarla Boscono
    11 Amber Valetta
    12 Malgosia Bela
    13 Liya Kebede
    14 Doutzen Kroes
    15 Natasha Poly/ Sasha Pivovarova

    This list not included Daria Werbowy, Gemma Ward and Carmen Kass because they are retired many years ago.
    This list not included Karolina Kurkova because now she is more "instamama" then model.

    This list not included models like Colette P., Eugenia Volodina, Snejana Onopka because they are not confirmed iconic status and retired too fast.

    Other top 5 iconic models who can be here but they are not long enough in the industry.
    1 Saskia de Brauw
    2 Liu Wen
    3 Julia Nobis
    4 Mica Arganaraz
    5 Lara Stone

    Also i really like icons such as Elise Crombez, Caroline Trentini, Georgina Grenville, Sara Blomqist, Kristen McMenamy and many many others.

    It was a difficult! Ah
  14. helmutnotdead

    helmutnotdead Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 2018
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    This is the kind of ranking that I've been waiting for. There are more than 20 models but I don't mind. There are not particular order except for number 1 because she's my all time favorite.

    Julia Nobis.
    Delphine Bafort.
    Kirsten Owen.
    Kate Moss.
    Hannelore Knuts.
    Saskia de Brauw.
    Jamie Bochert.
    Naomi Campbell.
    Alek Wek.
    Elise Crombez.
    Daria Werbowy.
    Linda Evangelista.
    Fei Fei Sun.
    Grace Bol.
    Raquel Zimmerman.
    Stella Tennant.
    Binx Walton.
    Kristen McMenamy,
    Edie Campbell.
    Eugenia Volodina.
    Guinevere Van Seenus.
    Querelle Jansen.
    Daiane Conterato.
    Lili Sumner.
  15. szonline

    szonline Active Member

    Jul 19, 2015
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    1. Yasmeen Ghauri
    2. Naomi Campbell
    3. Natasha Poly
    4. Eugenia Volodina
    5. Raquel Zimmermann
    6. Linda Evangelista
    7. Natalia Semanova
    8. Fernanda Tavares
    9. Natalia Vodianova
    10. Daniela Pestova
    11. Tatjana Patitz
    12. Sasha Pivovarova
    13. Sasha Luss
    14. Birgit Kos
    15. Helena Christensen
    16. Carmen Kass
    17. Irina Shayk
    18. Doutzen Kroes
    19. Ludmila Isaeva (on my avatar :rolleyes:)
    20. Erin O'Connor
  16. SRank

    SRank Well-Known Member

    Jun 27, 2020
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    Naomi Campbell
    Raquel Zimmermann
    Amber Valletta
    Linda Evangelista
    Liya Kebede
    Alek Wek
    Kristen McMenamy
    Guinevere Van Seenus
    Beverly Johnson
    Imaan Hammam
    Hannelore Knuts
    Christy Turllington
    Elise Crombez
    Daria Werbowy
    Yasmeen Ghauri
    Marisa Berenson
    Carmen Kass
    Karen Elson
    Carolyn Murphy
  17. Kiyoko

    Kiyoko Active Member

    Oct 18, 2019
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    I’ve been reading Vogue since the 70’s … so here goes
    1. Twiggy
    2. Lauren Hutton
    3. Joy Smithers
    4. Patti Hansen
    5. Rosie Vela
    6. Ingmar Ilmay
    7. Beverly Johnson
    1. Brooke Shields
    2. Yasmin LeBon
    3. Jeny Howorth
    4. Michelle Stevens
    5. Gail Elliott
    6. Elle MacPherson
    7. Michelle Eabry
    8. Rachel Williams
    1. Helena Christensen
    2. Stephanie Roberts
    3. Claudia Mason
    4. Karen Alexander
    5. Illonka Toppenberg

    in modern times I loved Seesilee Lopez; Lara Stone; Joan Smalls & Jourdan Dunn
  18. Gaultier_Bandit

    Gaultier_Bandit Active Member

    Jan 6, 2008
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    Janice Dickinson
    Karlie Kloss
    Cindy Crawford
    Linda Evangelista
    Naomi Campbell
    Jerry Hall
    Joan Smalls
    Lily Cole
    Gemma Ward
    Du Juan
    Liya Kebede
    Pat Cleveland
    Christy Turlington
    Lara Stone
    Kristen Mcmenamy
    Alek Wek
    Tyra Banks
    Kate Moss

    No particular order. IMHO alot of these models either capture a time in fashion, a important shift in fashion/modeling, or they simply represent my personal entry/interest into the world of modeling (ie Tyra/Cindy in my childhood...and Gemma/Lily C in my later years). Plus a few underrated models that I feel don’t get their flowers (Janice, Du Juan, Lily C, Tyra....who I feel had really great portfolio as a High Fashion model...all her work with Meisel/ Klein/ Elgort/ Roversi is really good...its a shame she didnt persue it further and opted a more commercial route).
  19. KayKei

    KayKei New Member

    Sep 28, 2020
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    I Have a #1 and #2, but anything after that is random:

    1. Tanya Dziahileva
    2. Sun Fei Fei

    Carmen Kass
    Sasha Pivovarova
    Snejana Onopka
    Natasha Poly
    Jessica Stam
    Coco Rocha

    Tyra Banks
    Alek Wek
    Liya Kebede
    Karolina Kurkova
    Jamie Bochert
    Liu Wen
    Karen Elson
    Christy Turlington
    Sui He
    Xiao Wen Ju
    Han Hye Jin
    Isabeli Fontana

    The first time I saw Tanya at Versace back in like 2007, I was awestruck. I thought she was the most alluring and fierce model i've ever seen. I was watching a runway compilations or a fashion show, and they didn't list her name. It took a week or so of research for me to find her name. I was so happy when I found who she was lol.
    When I first saw Fei Fei back in 2010, I thought she was so beautiful and talented. I don't remember exactly how I stumbled upon to her, but she always delivered in campaigns and editorials. Her runway wasn't too bad either. My love for her just keep growing.

    I didn't realized until looking at my list that most of the girls on my list are a great walker. And the one that aren't that great can at least walk and not look horrible(beside Saha lol). I think they are pretty strong on the editorial side too. Maybe Tanya, Tyra, Hyejin, Sui he are the weaker girls?
  20. KayKei

    KayKei New Member

    Sep 28, 2020
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    I think you're allowed to have retired models on your list, This is your personal list.
    For me, they don't need to have some kind of qualifications for them to be on my "all time favorite models". If I like them, I like them.

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