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Discussion in 'Personal Style' started by AlwaysCurious, Nov 5, 2020.

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    Oct 31, 2020
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    Is there anyone else out there feeling overwhelmed and lost every so often?

    For quite some time now a feeling of overwhelm is my companion – either it’s in the morning getting dressed for work or for an occasion once in a while.

    I open my wardrobe and get paralyzed as I don’t know where even to start. I look up stuff on the internet – so much information, I’m lost!

    I can spend 2-3 hours evaluating what to wear. I want to dress well and look put together, as someone with a personal style, but I’m confused!

    Am I the only one? Does anyone else here have this problem when it comes to your personal style? Do you struggle with this same problem?
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    Dec 27, 2003
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    I suppose it depends on the day or perhaps occasion. I notice that I am less motivated to dress or even know what to wear when I am out of shape.
    What has worked for me is selecting my wardrobe the day or evening before. It takes 5 minutes and seems like a much easier task than in the morning. Also, when I have a hard time with making myself look “put-together” for whatever reason, I default to neutrals and basics, like;
    • Black or navy pants
    • Blue slim leg jeggings/jeans
    • White oversized shirt
    • Any cute top I might have and match it with slim black pants
    • Tee with a blazer/jeans
    • use basics and throw on a large scarf
    • cute flats are always a plus and a simple statement bag
    • Basis go a long way!!!
    I love great quality clothes but don’t like to show the brands i.e. logos, etc. this helps to keep things simple and well put together. To motivate myself, I pick a perfume that reminds me of a summer vacation! it works wonders :smile:

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