Vogue Italia August 2019 : Stephanie Seymour & Claudia Schiffer by Collier Schorr

Discussion in 'Magazines' started by MDNA, Aug 1, 2019.

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    Oh my... so I literally forgot this issue happened but I came across the thread and decided to check the editorials. BIG mistake. Wow.

    I'm quite frankly impressed with all of this. It's beyond bad. It's sad, it's pathetic, it's ugly, it's meaningless, it's trash. Ferdinando Verderi needs to take all of the ribbons, staples, cutesy little ropes, chromosomes, jewels and whatever the f*ck he's been putting on anything he touched (Versace, Vogue Italia) and shove it up his a*s. It's f*cking hideous and I can't believe anyone with brain and eyes or at least one of the two would allow this s*it to be published. It's not even subjective, it's hideous and you can't deny it. For God's sake, the man c*mmed gold on Shalom Harlow and called it a Versace ad. But let's move on, shall we?
    Claudia and Stephanie. Two very sexy, very beautiful and attractive women and you... I can't even. I don't have one word that doesn't involve cursing for this. I'm sorry I'm so vulgar, I'm just rather pissed. Collier Schorr is.... what the f*ck is she doing? Who told her it's a good idea to pose in her own editorial? How self centered do you have to be?! It was annoying when Mert Alas did it but at least he was pretty to look at. In the black and white shot in a mirror she practically used Claudia as a prop. It's disgusting. I don't ever want to see it again and I would very much like to erase it from my memory thank you very much.
    Next, Anok in Paris. Ahh, from that beautiful Parisian styling to gorgeous city backdrops. Paris never looked better. Beautiful. Groundbreaking. But I must say, with all this unreasonable Anok overload, she's kind of growing on me. I won't ever remember this editorial in my life ever again. And I'm perfectly content with that.
    About Selena... there's nothing about her I like. I'm sorry, she's boring. I don't see it. And that last shot is just... ugh.
    The long name editorial with no fashion that shows absolutely nothing is the stupidest thing I've seen all day. I have no other words for it it's just stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I'm still looking at Vogue, right? God, what a joke. Someone fire Farneti and put him in prison cause this ugliness is criminal.
    Anna and Petra have jumped the Gucci wagon and are riding it straight into abyss where all sh*tty repetitive hype brands go. Don't get me wrong, Gucci campaigns are absolutely wonderful and they do have some interesting accessories but I've had it with this vibe. Next, please.

    And that's it. This is my review, I went off and wrote a paragraph again I'm very sorry but it's late at night and I really did not need to see this disaster. What a shame, they had such a big opportunity with Vogue Italia but they just kept digging the grave deeper and deeper. And now there's nowhere deeper to go.
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