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    This is the Icons from the Past sub-forum where threads are dedicated to icons (living or deceased) who are most known for their work pre-1980's with a significant style that has shown longevity:heart:

    Before you start a new thread here - Please make sure that the person is a definite ICON (meaning a lasting household name or inimitible and enduring personal style). If you are unsure, please ask a moderator first b/c they may go best in a group thread.

    Rules for this subforum (effective Sept. 7, 2010:(
    • Please stay on topic. This forum is intended to be about personal style. This is a fashion forum and is restricted to fashion and style discussions.
    • The following is considered "Off Topic", and is subject to being removed by the moderators: images and discussions about family, children, royal lineage, connections with other celebrities, homes, vacations, scandals, memorabilia, etc.
    • If the Icon is not in the image, you may not post the image.
    • If you post images from any personal account, including but not limited to Ebay, flickr,myspace, blogs, etc., please comply with the usual crediting rules that state you must also post the name of the account holder.
    • You may not post any images from your own Ebay or any other auction site.
    • You may not solicit sales of memorabilia through the Fashion Spot threads.
    • Please post images of the Icon that show the Icon's personal style ... what they wore. Please discuss how they influenced the style of that era and their influence on fashion today.
    • Please do not hotlink images. Many sites do not allow hotlinking and many links go dead after a certain amount of time. Since this forum is intended to retain the information as an archive, we don't want to loose the images that you bring here. It is better to use tFS's attachment feature or host the images on a hosting site so that images can be retained.
    Without further adieu~we are happy to open the doors to the greats in a place where they won't get pushed off in lieu of the current trendy dressers. This is the special area where classic style and longevity will flourish... :clap:
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