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Discussion in 'the Entertainment Spot' started by ahhGucci, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. delonge

    delonge New Member

    Feb 16, 2006
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    nijuyanah and rockstar, those were beautiful :heart:
    and satin, wirklich wunderschön :blush:

    i wrote one which means a lot to me, but its quite long, so i picked just some lines..

    My Place

    So everytime
    I just stop by
    to touch your facades
    and hear my
    Inner voice humming your melody
    Ratio cant comprehend
    what you yield to me
    True aesthetics have some attitude
    Steady as you are
    letting the abortive call it rude
    Your core a diamond
    edgy and keen
    The first to turn me into
    what i should been


    so I come around
    to sacrifice some sanity
    I lock myself down
    to let you step inside me
    And in return
    I take a deep breath
    of what you really are
    feel the sound
    inside my lungs
    and admit
    I cannot stand being so far
    From the home I built
    in my mind
    Im just finally claiming
    what I needed to find
    No other place
    id choose to be
    Within your walls
    my spirits free
  2. silk skin paws

    silk skin paws doldrums

    Oct 10, 2005
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    The Derek Walcott poem is a great starter poem for this thread. Every line is so quote worthy. I read a few poems thus so far. Impressive ^_^
  3. Marvystone

    Marvystone blue blue electric blue

    Jan 10, 2006
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    I just wondered if anyone here has ever submitted their poetry to a literary journal and how they found that process?
  4. nijuyanah

    nijuyanah Active Member

    Mar 21, 2008
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    ^ Actually, my friend (and also my former teacher at school) told me that I should try sending some of my poems/stories to some journal or something... But I've always been quite hesitant about that :unsure: Though, it would defenitely be interesting I think.
  5. Marvystone

    Marvystone blue blue electric blue

    Jan 10, 2006
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    yeah my lecturer told me to submit some of my stuff but I'm hesitant..:unsure:
  6. Susanna-Cole

    Susanna-Cole New Member

    Apr 18, 2008
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    I :heart: poetry! When I enter a bookstore I gravitate immediately toward the poetry section, it's like a magnet to my heart! :blush: I can't believe that while I've read zealously most my life, I had neglected poetry for so long! :eek:

    My favorite poet is Sylvia Plath, though I also really like Federico García Lorca, and Anna Akhmatova. I like Robert Lowell, as well, however, funny enough I think like his letters (in "The Letters of Robert Lowell") better than his poetry. "Words In Air: The Complete Correspondence of Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell" is a lovely read, as well (and responsible for inspiring me to return to old fashion letter writing with friends). ^_^

    I mostly like poetry that is very atmospheric, with strong imagery, and I'm always a sucker for striking metaphors. And I'm always open to any recommendations of poets, if you might have any? :flower:

    And nijuyanah and Marvystone, if you still want thoughts on the journal debate, I've often had the same debate as well. On one hand, if your work gets accepted to a popular/prestigious literary it could lead to other opportunities, not to mention some pay quite well for your work. However, for me personally, I know some writers who have been burned, so to say, by journals and magazines, etc...who have gone and completely edited their work, which is very angering (understandably) and if you ask me, disrespectful. So, I think it depends on whether you feel the risk of that is worth what good may come from it. :flower:

    Oh, holy moly! This ended up lengthy. Sorry, I'm a fast typist. :ninja:

    Edit: Going through reading old posts, I have to say that there are so many wonderful poets here, quite the talented bunch! :blush: :heart:
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  7. Marvystone

    Marvystone blue blue electric blue

    Jan 10, 2006
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    ^ Rainer Maria Rilke's Duino Elegies
  8. dorien

    dorien New Member

    Dec 12, 2005
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    i don't consider myself a poet, not good enough. of course, that doesn't stop me from jotting a few things down here and there.
    i write short stories. and i'm working on a novel.
    unfortunately all of my current work is in Spanish.
    just in case anyone understands...

    Háblame de ti.
    Háblame de primaveras
    junto al sol,
    de un bello amanecer.
    Háblame que sólo quiero
    oír tu voz.
  9. BaBorrow

    BaBorrow Active Member

    Dec 5, 2009
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    Share A Line From A Song Or Poem You've Written Yourself

    What has more "Heart and Soul" than writin'?:heart:


    "Center of Attention"

    Between Heaven and Hell
    Is the center of attention
    For both the sinners and saints
    Who want the fame and the fortune
    So, they'll sing to the angels
    And dance for the demons
    Make deals with the Devil
    But, still thank God and Jesus
    In the end, for their win
    As they're standin' in
    The center of attention
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  10. BaBorrow

    BaBorrow Active Member

    Dec 5, 2009
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    Why do stupid a** songs always come to me, while I'm in the shower.:lol:
    For example, this one.
    This was like last year.

    'Cause we can have ourselves some little 'Twilight' love
    Have some hot passion like 'True Blood' does
    And, I don't need to read what's in your 'Diary'
    To know how badly you wanna sink your teeth in me

    I told you it was stupid.:rofl:
    But I've written worst.
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  11. Candice89102

    Candice89102 Active Member

    Apr 24, 2006
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    When you look at me with those blue eyes, I melt
    My heart comes out of its cacoon and flutters around the room
    A hundres miles a minute is the only way to spin it
    I want you to be there, everywhere
    Your arms around me while I dream
    The things we could do, the places we could see
    If only you'd let yourself believe
    I could be the one to make you finally come undone
    It's the scent of your skin that sends shivers down my spine
    You throw me down on the bed, hair's all a mess
    I collapse in your sheets and this is where I stay
    My heart in your hand, tangled in disarray

    You. The only word that passes through my cerebrum
    The synapses fire, but the only syllable I can comprehend is one. You.
    It's the way I stutter with every single sentence I say
    It's the way I have to have you here to help me see it clear
    It's the way you always answer with one. Word.
    It's the way I need you tonight
    To nurse this aching organ that beats so slowly in my chest
    It's the way you're everywhere, everytime I open my eyes
    Even when everything is blurry
    There. You. Are.
    Your lips
    Your back
    Your eyes
    Your skin
    Your DNA that draws me in and captures
    My lips
    My back
    My eyes
    My skin
    Don't. Let. Go.

    Aim, snap, fall
    I am at the mercy of your photograph
    And there's three, count 'em three
    I'm trying to grasp the concept of your dimensions
    My guts are spilling out onto the floor
    As I proceed to run my fingers through your hair
    You sit completely unaware of what I'm about to do
    It's the way you blush when you're nervous
    The blood collects and flushes out your cheekbones
    You've got me eating out of the palm of your hand
    And if this ground gives way I just hope that you'll catch me
    And every little moment looks so dull without your color in my day
    How does it feel to know you're everything I want?
    Are you still with me, am I making myself clear?
    And I could never tell you how I really feel
    I'm bottling up your soft, dream-like scent
    I see a sense of wonder deep inside your eyes
    That falls warm on my neck that keeps me alive
    And in case you were wondering
    You are like a sunset to me
    You are all kinds of beautiful
    As you end my day
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  12. AgrenateD

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    Dec 16, 2009
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    never knew we had a thread like this :heart: i've been writing poems since i was a kid and i just thought i'd
    share this short one i made last night when i couldn't sleep and i'm real shy but whatever here goes :ninja:

    Head Trauma

    this is of the mind that is slowly losing grip
    the phantoms, your voice
    a-dancing in the wind
    a hurricane comes crashing, breaking down the wall
    the casualty, my cerebrum
    marches with the death toll
    in peaceful horror, i manifest my pieces
    bits of you, dark shrapnel
    the recalling is absolute
    this tattered heart, the sole witness
    the deep silence laments
    the leaves from winter, the mirror image
    my eyes a land of regret
    thus this suffering, your madness
    reveals the final trick
    this is of the mind that is slowly losing grip.
  13. Niusity

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    Nov 5, 2010
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    Oh my god there are so many amazing works here, I can believe my eyes, why isn't this thread on te top of the segment? I'm stunned by how talented you guys are.
  14. softgrey

    softgrey flaunt the imperfection

    Jan 28, 2004
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    sadly- two thread have been merged...
    *i also don't know that I would call poetry "entertainment"... :ermm:

    this is NOT my poem...

    what they did yesterday afternoon (excerpt...)

    by warsan shire

    later that night
    i held an atlas in my lap
    ran my fingers across the whole world
    and whispered
    where does it hurt?

    it answered



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